Welcome to my blog, where I explore topics relating to politics, economics, sociology and philosophy.

Yes, that is very vague. Yes, that is purposeful. I follow the Critical School of political philosophy, arguing that one needs to have as broad of a perspective as possible when dealing with something as stupidly massive as politics.

My intention with this space is to record the various materials that I read over the coming year, in preparation for my PhD application. I will offer my thoughts, present some (hopefully) interesting takes, and pull together the strands of my education into a cohesive system of thought. As Confucius says, I can’t know everything, but I can pull what I know together into a single thread.

Facts don’t speak for themselves. They need a subjective experience to interpret them. And I want to be a good interpreter. I think that is, in part, what it means to be good.

I initially wanted this space to be just a ‘testing ground’ for my ideas, but I’ve changed my view on that. I want this space to be considered my (currently informed) views and thoughts on the matters discussed.

I believe that holding myself to a fully honest standard that will encourage me to be fearless with my views. I don’t want my thoughts to be mediated by fear and anxiety. I want my thoughts to be direct and piercing. Anything less would be doing myself a disservice.

I do struggle on a daily basis with anxiety, from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. And I have struggled with this beast for as long as I can remember. It’s only recently that I’ve come to recognise it as an alien part of myself. I’ve been living in fear for too long, and it’s caused me too much suffering.

This project is, in part, a way for me to fight that evil in my mind.

To successfully pursue this goal, I will post a 1000-word blog here every Saturday at 5PM.

This is ambitious. I currently work nights in Tesco, alongside applying for jobs in the wider field of politics that interest me. And writing blogs isn’t simple. It requires a sustained engagement with relevant material, serious consideration of the issues they raise, and connection of that material to the problems out society currently faces (meaning that one also must also be engaged with current issues in society and understanding of their causes).

Currently, I am dedicating every break and free moment in my life to reading, analysing, criticising and evaluating. I don’t know if it will be enough. I will probably fail many times.

But, I’m developing a schedule that will allow me to consistently deliver on my goals. And it’s important for me to keep myself to a high standard. The only way I will succeed in life is if I have the will to succeed. Before anything else, there has to be a will. This project is, in a way, a method for me to develop my willpower.

So long as I have the will to succeed in this endeavour, the practical implications will fall away. I should love writing my thoughts. I should love researching. If I don’t, then this will fail. And that is okay.

But I want it to succeed. I want myself to succeed. I’m hoping that will is going to carry me through the tough times ahead.

That’s everything for now. Thank you for reading, see you around.

~ Sam Hadfield

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